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Henry Marx 1950

Harry Marx (sitting) 1950

Milwaukee Plate Glass is Greater Wisconsin and Illinois’ premiere retailer and wholesale supplier of custom glass, doors, frames, windows, and hardware.  Our services include general construction, commercial development, retail home improvement, and wholesale supply.

Our success is truly the product of the Marx family’s longstanding commitment to the community.  We are known for providing expert service that is dependable, on time, and on budget.

At Milwaukee Plate Glass; we believe in taking pride in our work and as a result; we have maintained clients for more than 65 years.  We are sure you will notice a difference working with us because here; we treat you like family.

Milwaukee Plate Glass, established in 1928, is a proud family owned and operated business that has been in the Marx family since 1950, when Harry Marx first purchased it.  The company has since grown into a mid-size operation that strives to uphold family values it was founded on, such as trust, responsiveness and reliability.


   “I’ve always believed that you’re going to succeed in the long run by

taking care of customers.”  – Ron Marx, President

Small companies, interior designers, architects, home remodelers and general contractors look to Milwaukee Plate Glass for expert installation and material production.  Our warehouse is fully stocked and above industry standard.  That means we can make glass, doors, and window frame deliveries in as soon as a week …while other manufacturers can take up to four weeks to deliver.

No matter the scale of your project, Milwaukee Plate Glass has the infrastructure in place to meet your needs.  We possess the technical expertise and equipment necessary to deliver custom cutting, sandblasting, edging and fabrication for doors and glass.  We can also accommodate specialty requests for heat resistant glass, green LEED materials as well as glass coatings to benefit energy efficient home and business owners.

For the finishing touch; our team will personally install your project, whether you are replacing your shower door or updating the storefront to your business.

“The most reliable and highest quality Glass Company in the state of Wisconsin.” —Ron Marx, President

Milwaukee Plate Glass Company’s products and services are the highest quality and the best value for the money.  We will deliver our products and services in a timely manner that will surpass industry standards.

We have a workplace that makes employee’s excited about going to work by allowing them to be successful and providing the tools and training necessary to allow each individual to excel in their job and work safely at all times.  The workplace fosters teamwork by all team members to achieve company goals.

We understand all team members have lives outside of Milwaukee Plate Glass and we strive to accommodate employee’s personal and family needs.

Milwaukee Plate Glass will be a supplier that every customer looks forward to working with and considers us their number one vendor.

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